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"Last Painter Leaves Martyrs' Lane"
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Last Painter Leaves Martyrs' Lane
1988-September 16, 1999

This memoir is a collection of short stories about the experiences of an artist living in a small adobe apartment on Martyrs' Lane in Taos, New Mexico. These stories are based on Paul McMillan’s personal experience and offer his unique reflections expressed through a sense of humor that contains hidden truths along with moral judgments about the high and the low of life during the ten year period he lived in Taos. Paul includes his own complicity in a mix of opinion, sarcasm, and justice unfolding in a Southwestern landscape of conflicting social mores often steeped in tradition. In this so-called “Land of Enchantment,” most, if not all of these influential inhabitants make usufruct of the opportunity to live unchecked in a less than self-critical life style, all the while determined to push their own agendas which are the driving forces in their lives, for better and for worse. As Paul left Taos, he realized he bore the burden of being the last artist to tell this story. This collection of thirty-seven short stories sets out to expose many of the underlying truths about being an artist living in Taos, New Mexico: "Last Painter Leaves Martyrs' Lane."
Paul McMillan is an award winning self-taught artist who enjoys telling a story whether it be in paintings, words or music. Best known for his paintings, Paul’s art career now spans over thirty years. His style ranges from classical to abstract, and occasionally includes original words and music. His oil paintings have luminous atmospheres and deep rich colors with finely blended details showing a little impasto where appropriate. Paul’s artwork is collected nationally and internationally.
Born in Kansas 1954, raised in Texas, lived in Taos, NM and Ithaca, NY, Paul now lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

Last Painter Leaves Martyrs' Lane

Table of Contents

001 The First Day on Martyrs' Lane - 10:44 minutes
002 The Second Day on Martyrs' Lane -
3:25 minutes
003 My Landlord’s First Visit -
4:17 minutes
004 My New Refrigerator -
6:16 minutes
005 Stop Where You Are -
6:57 minutes
006 Whitehorse Studio -
9:20 minutes
007 Mom’s Visit -
6:34 minutes
008 Two Kids in a Cardboard Box -
11:39 minutes
009 Can I Borrow Your Pickup -
2:42 minutes
010 Yellow Stripes -
12:16 minutes
011 The Key In the Lock -
9:43 minutes
012 Terminator -
6:24 minutes
013 Juan Verde -
51:43 minutes
014 Glitch Hunter -
5:33 minutes
015 You Have Muscles -
3:07 minutes
016 A Cat Who Played the Ukulele and Sang -
6:58 minutes
017 Yo Grease Face -
30:27 minutes
018 Skunks and Taos Police -
8:38 minutes
019 Vanity of the Painting Bondfires -
3:45 minutes
020 Between Two Altars Of Fear A Little Girl Said, I Just Want To Be A Flower When I Grow Up -
7:54 minutes
021 Example of the Worst -
48:12 minutes
022 The Turtle Lady -
6:49 minutes
023 The Acequia -
18:23 minutes
024 Cowgirls Schadenfreude and Instant Karma -
12:11 minutes
025 Balloons -
6:16 minutes
026 The Parallax In Taos Art -
9:40 minutes
027 Indian Trails -
26:51 minutes
028 Romance 911 -
26:57 minutes
029 Wild Dogs of Taos -
15:13 minutes
030 Crows -
10:07 minutes
031 How to Paint Surreal Paintings -
1hr, 11:54 minutes
032 The Paul McMillan Technique of Oil Painting -
1hr, 30:05 minutes
033 Hey, Miller! -
28:37 minutes
034 Of Skunks and a Hardheaded Woman -
47:05 minutes
035 The Business of Selling Art -
24:09 minutes
036 The Split with Gallery E -
12:54 minutes
037 Last Painter Leaves Martyrs' Lane -
25:55 minutes

Names have changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.

Paul McMillan
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