Paul McMillan

Southwestern Landscape Painting

 "Las Trampas"
24" x 30"
Sketched on site
Oil on Panel
No. 002
In this Southwestern Landscape Painting, "Las Trampas," an original oil on panel, I was inspired by the abstract qualities of the backside of the old Adobe Church in Las Trampas New Mexico. The adobe architecture in Northern New Mexico is especially pleasing to the eye with its rounded corners and bowed weight bearing walls with spouted facades and soft shadows. The mud-covered walls seem alive with all the mud cracks, straw, and wear from the elements. With the lack of straight lines these old structures seem so calm and so removed from this century. I wonder if a person could press their ear against the wall and listen to the echoes of thoughts and prayers from the heart to God, which have permeated the earthen walls in this place of worship.
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