Paul McMillan

Southwestern Landscape Painting

14" x 11"
Oil on Panel
No. 5
and now
If you know who originally stold this painting please contact me, thanks.
In this Southwestern Landscape Painting, "Canyonland," an original oil on panel, I was inspired to represent the feel of the canyon lands. This conceptual imaginary arrangement was meant to speak to the feel of being in the canyon and still have that great expanse of openness that is always present whilst walking in the draws of the great southwest and in particular the Utah area with it's red rock and ever present glimpses of Indian cliff dwellings.
To the best of my knowledge this painting was last seen in the possession of the Angela Milner Gallery in Lake Tahoo which closed without notice while this painting was consignment with the gallery. This consigned painting was never returned to me, nor was I paid for it.
I was notified that the Reno Nevada Court had this painting as well as Two (2) other paintings of mine which were also consigned to the ANGELA MILNER GALLERY in it's possession as property that was impounded by the court and ultimately to be auctioned for lack of Tax payments by the owner/s of the Angela Milner Gallery. I petitioned the courts for the return of this painting which never happened. I guess that I helped the gallery pay for it Tax troubles but I would still like to have the paintings back or get paid for them.....It looks like I will be waiting for a long time????????/
To this date I still don't know of the where about of the other stolen paintings.
A special note of sincere thanks to the employee who returned the major paintings which were on consignment in the Angela Milner Gallery at the time of the closing. He got four Major paintings out of the gallery only minutes before the Navada Tax Enforcment chained the doors and empounded all the artworks in the Angela Milner Gallery. As best I can tell all Consigned arts were sold to pay the galleies Tax debt,?
Here are the Paintings that were never returned or paid for; (Stolen)
Breaking news ( March 20, 2017 ) Painting Returned after nearly 20 years. The person who returned the painting purchased it in an auction on Dec. 10, 2007. ( Kept the painting for 10 years then returned it to me )
Here below is the auction company that sold this stolen painting to the person who returned it to me:
Maybe they ( or you ) can help track down the thief / seller of this stolen painting.
---Perhaps the the Thief / seller or the Sunflower Auctioneers of this stolen painting knows of the where abouts of the other 2 paintings: ????
( see below ) that went missing from Angela Millners Gallery.
Eventually we will find out who the seller was for this Stolen Painting through SUNFLOWER AUCTION. ( I bet the Sunflower Auction Records do reflect who put it up for auction, and I bet the Sellers records reflect who sold it to them or provided it for sale????? Humm? Hello Overland Park D.A.

Case is being revisited by Overland Park D.A.
---It's an Interstate crime to sell stolen goods and across state lines!
Thanks to the buyer of this stolen artwork we are getting closer to finding who originally Stold and who it was that sold this painting through Sunflower Auction.
Thank you to any one shedding light on this art theft and for assisting in the wherabouts of the 2 other paintings stolen along with this one which just showed up.
I suspect any one in the Auction business would check on the value of such artwork and in doing so they might look at the artists website for valuation information regarding the painting they want to sell even if stolen.
Ther internet and my website connected the person who bought this stolen artwork to me the artist. The internet makes the world a smaller place for thieves of artwork. Sellers / auction / records do show where they came from for the purpose tracking down sellers of stolen goods.
This painting was stolen in Lake Tahoe, then surfaced for auction on Dec. 14, 2007 in Kansas, then it went to Mane for a few years before the person who bought it from Sunflower Auction back on Dec. 14, 2007, decided to return it to me.
Hey! Thief / Seller of my stolen Paintings!, Listen-up, we are getting quite close to you now, and I will personally enjoy seeing you arrested and sent to jail for stealing my artwork and for selling stolen goods!!!!!
Suquaro Morning #75 Still Missing
Canyonland #5 Returned
Navaho Night #18 Still Missing
If you know of the whereabouts of these paintings please contact me.
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