Paul McMillan

Figurative Painting 

"Focal Points & Vanishing Points"
20" x 16"
Oil on Panel
No. 25
In this Figurative Painting, "Focal Points and Vanishing Points," an original oil on panel, I had been searching for subject matter with a hand and could not see the way. I had a view out the back sliding glass doors through which I had often stared out across the yard, trees, fence, gate, field, distant mountains, brick wall, patio flower pots, dog chairs, etc. all of which I had taken for granted. A neighbor's eight-year-old son visited my studio and held up a magnifying glass in front of my gessoed panel which was on the easel. I thought that he was going to perhaps burn a hole in my panel , but when I got close enough to stop him, I noticed that he was holding the magnifying glass just right to cast images on to my panel. I got to trying it and noticed that when I got the magnifying glass focal point just right I could see where the vanishing point was in the image cast on my panel, including the bricks, gate and everything, upsidedown and backwards, even my dog who wanted back in. One can only see the backside of a Wal-Mart store from this view now.
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