Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting

"Part Pauper & Part King"
Words & Melody by Paul McMillan
Oil on Canvas
24" x 30'
No. 26

In this Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting, "Part Pauper and Part King," an original oil on panel, I was trying to make a play on the paradox of being a starving artist. I took the point of view that I put myself in the position as if I were being asked, albeit a little sarcastically, "I know you think you are quite knowledgeable and experienced, but can you get it right and tell us who the person in the picture really is?"

I drew my inspiration from having twenty-seven cents in my pocket when I got home to my studio after being runner up in the Texas Sesquicentennial Artist of the Year Contest---1986. I felt like a real artist. I wrote a poem, which I managed to set to music. I decided to try to make a painting of it. I didn't have time for therapy.

Pauper and King

Well, I know you've painted faces for the King
And recorded life and death right at the scene.
But can you paint my portrait as I really am:
Part Pauper and Part King
And if it's true your art imitates life itself,
Would you make me appear the country nobleman,
Or will I end up looking like a poor old rich man.
But if you paint me at all, please paint me as I really am:
Part Pauper and Part King
I hope the critics won't give me that you're-a-peon look,
Or claim me as a lost chapter from their ancient book.
When it comes to the colors that you must surely choose,
I hope you'll treat me lightly on them cursed blues.
So now tell me, can you paint my portrait as I really am:
Part Pauper and Part King
by Paul McMillan

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