Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Paintings

"Don't Stay Away"
(first version)
Words and Music by Paul McMillan
24 x 30
Oil on Canvas
No. 32
In this Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting, "Don't Stay Away," an original oil on canvas, I wanted to represent the idealized folk world of the rural farm nestled in the hill country but isolated, longing for visitation, with the potential for celebrating, with instruments, tempered with a little religion. First came the words and music of a folk song, then this painting.
I had to rely on a scribe to write down the piece music shown in this artwork, so I learned to write music in order to write down the entire song as well as other melodies and music arrangements to include them in future artworks.
In a second version of this painting, No. 88, I included this complete song and written music as subject matter.

Don't Stay Away

I want to know what have you been up to,
It's been at least a year or two
Since I last seen you,
What have you been up to.
Well I heard you've been writin a new chapter
In your personal book of days.
Talkin' bout livin' a whole new way.
Well I hardly know what to say
I been paintin' pictures,
And learnin' to sing the blues.
Pretty well been trying
To keep from payin the devil a due.
Well thanks for hearin' my sad song,
You know it's hard to speak your mind without soundin' wrong.
So let me say what it is that I feel so strong.
Next time don't stay away so long.
Paul McMillan

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