Paul McMillan

Southwestern Night Scene Painting

  "Harvest Moon Over Ranchos"
20" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 53

In this Southwestern Night Scene Painting, "Harvest Moon Over Ranchos," an original oil on panel, I was inspired to represent the feel of the abstract qualities of the earthen walls and architectural design of this ancient place of worship in the town of Ranchos, New Mexico. One would think that considering the millions of dollars that are deposited in the coffers in the town of Taos in the pursuit of painting and photographing this very interesting piece of Northern New Mexico architecture that someone there in that stubborn little village would wise up and move those damned electric lines that have been in the way of every living artist since the first one showed up nearly a century ago to paint and photograph this visual treasure.

Yes, whilst I lived in Taos for ten years, regretably, I tolerated the blatant stubbornness, ignorance, as well as the violence, proudly rooted and machisically cherished by many of the region. One should look at the record before shooting the messenger. At least I got out alive, so I will say what I want to about the place. It is a most beautiful place, but it is not safe there in the area.

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