Paul McMillan

Southwestern Night Scene Painting

"Pueblo Bonito Night"
Chaco Canyon, NM
20" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 55
In this Southwestern Night Scene Painting, "Pueblo Bonito Night," an original oil on panel, I wanted to explore the skeletal nature of the Pueblo Bonito ruins under the night sky. The inhabitants of this area once used the stars, true north, south, etc. in roads and structures. The rubble shown in the painting to the right of the ruins is the remains of a giant spire which fell across the ruins in the fifties, splitting the pueblo ruins in half as I understand it. The original inhabitants of this place must have known and lived in fear of it falling, since artifacts and prayer tokens were uncovered at its base where it was originally shored up some eight hundred years ago.There are no trees at all for miles and miles and miles.

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