Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting

"I Am A Painter"
(first version)
Words and Music by Paul McMillan
24" x 30" Image
34" x 40" framed
Oil on Panel
No. 82
Museum Quality Frame
Custom wood molding / linen liner
Templated corners and frame bracing
Frame does not gouge or damage painting surface
34" x 40" x 2" deep

In this Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting, "I Am A Painter," an original oil on panel, I was reflecting on some of the things that I loved about Taos at that time. The song came first, then the painting. The challenge of painting written text and a piece of melody in an aerial perspective seems easy after painting an Indian rug with warp, weave, and having the patterns working out in the painted image which required on the order of fifteen thousand individual tiny brush strokes, give or take a few thousand for the rug alone.

This painting, No. 82, is the first version using this song as subject matter; the second version is No. 115.


I am a painter I'm pleased to say; I've seen such beauty today;

I awoke to Magic Mountain a glow'in the golden mornin' sun;

I walked out my door and looked into the sky; it was pretty as an angel's eye:

The prettiest palette this artist holds dear is painted by the faces livin' here.

It's nearly noon; tortillas soon; I don't need a silver spoon.

Well the sun's goin' down, there's rays all around; Taos is my hometown.

There's a fire in the sky; open up your eyes and watch the Eagles fly;

It's a starlit night on a full moon; my Lover and I are gonna swoon;

I am a painter I'm pleased to say; I've seen such beauty today...

by Paul McMillan

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