Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting

 "Don't Stay Away"
(second version)
Words & Music by Paul McMillan
24" x 36"
Oil on Panel
No. 88

In this Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting, "Don't Stay Away," an original oil on panel, I wanted to include this complete song (lyrics) and guitar part as subject matter. After learning to write music I was given to understand that many classical music arrangements were inspired by, if not based on folk and tavern songs.

This classical styled painting No. 88 is the second version to include these words and music; the first version is No. 32

Don't Stay Away

I want to know what have you been up to,
It's been at least a year or two
Since I last seen you,
What have you been up to.
Well I heard you've been writin a new chapter
In your personal book of days.
Talkin' bout livin a whole new way.
Well I hardly know what to say
I been paintin' pictures,
And learnin' to sing the blues.
Pretty well been trying
To keep from payin' the devil a due.
Well thanks for hearin' my sad song,
You know it's hard to speak your mind without soundin' wrong.
So let me say what it is that I feel so strong.
Next time don't stay away so long.
Paul McMillan

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