Paul McMillan 

Charcoal Drawing

"Self Portrait"
16" x 20"
Charcoal on paper
No. 100
In this Charcoal Drawing, "Self Portrait, circa 1991," a charcoal on paper, I was inspired to make record of myself in my own hand at the age of thirty six. A lot of people don't know I can charcoal draw, well here I am, I am much older now.
I often use charcoal as an under drawing in glazed paintings and the like, but I always feel bad about painting over a nice charcoal drawing and so from time to time I do a charcoal drawing or portrait. a great charcoal is a stand alone medium. Here's too black and white for giving something that all the color and oil never can. I thought that I was terrible looking as a thirty six old, but what did I know, I now find that all of youth is inherently beautiful, but I would want to go through it all again to get here to be fifty three.

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