Paul McMillan

Texas Night Scene Painting
"Elephant Tusk & Backbone Ridge Night"
(Big Bend National Park, Texas)
24" x 20"
Painted on Site
Oil on Panel
No. 103
In this Texas Night Scene Painting, "Elephant Tusk and Backbone Ridge Night," an original oil on panel, I wanted to represent the depth of the night in the desert. I camped at Rice Tank campground, inspired by the desert night, I sketched and painted this scene by day on location until done. So hot in the day, so cold at night, crystalline stars, and rings around the moon.
There may be no form of expression that truly captures the beauty of the night at this wonderful place in Big Bend. There are, I hope, many examples of admiration, this is one of mine.

This is my second night scene painting of this place, the first is No. 11
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