Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Paintings



(third version)
Sculpted frame by Paul McMillan
Words and Music and Frame by Paul McMillan
24" x 30" Image
Oil on Panel
No. 104
In this Interdisciplinary Still life Painting, "Shadows," an original oil on panel, I wanted to explore the spirit of the Anasazi's absence as subject matter for the third time. I also wanted to sculpt a frame that matched the one as subject matter in the image of the painting. First I wrote a song at Natural Bridges Park, Utah, in an Anasazi ruin after hiking the canyon trail which was like a great hall filled with petroglyphs as writing on the wall. Then I painted the first version (16" x 20" photo n/a), then the second No. 73, then I painted this painting No. 104, which is the third version in this series, this one having a matching sculpted and guilded frame.
Only the clouds cast the shadow
of the Buffalo on the ground.
In a great hall on a canyon wall the Anasazi left
their magic message for us all.
Love your mother earth for all
that life is worth.
We have spread ourselves thin into the wind, and we're
wandering with the spirits until we're back again.

Paul McMillan
(I hope to post the copyrighted melody at some point)

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