Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting
 Runner Up---Bell Telephone---Texas Sesquincentennial Cover Contest---1986
 Runner Up---Texas Sesquincentennial Artist of the Year Contest---1986

"Texas Sesquincentennial"
Words and Music by Paul McMillan
30" x 45"
Oil on Panel
No. 114
This Interdisciplinary Still Life Painting, "Texas," an original oil on panel, was created as an entry to the 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial Artist of the Year Contest sponsored by the State of Texas in the Capital Building in Austin Texas. I was fortunate enough to be runner up. I entered this painting in the 1986 Bell Telephone, Texas Sesquicentennial Cover Contest and was again runner up as well.

First I wrote a song with a drum and fife melody in 6/8 time then came the painting. Regarding the subject matter, there were no CD players at that time so I had to envision my own unit, as well there were no cell phones, both of which were only found discussed in tech articles about the future of things to come. I used a wax sculpture that I had completed for the cutting horse and longhorn, which was never cast due to lack of funds.

When all was said and done and I brought this painting home from the showing of the art works in the Capital building I had twenty-seven cents in my pocket. I felt like a real artist.(so I painted my next picture about it, "Part Pauper and Part King", No 26 as an allegorical response)

"Name A Star After This State"
With their lives they bought time to save the dream we've come to know.
One hundred eighty three against four thousand at the Alamo.
In the name of "Freedom and Liberty" for the Lone Star.
They cried "Remember The Alamo" as they won the war.
And the first family of Texas is still the Mockingbird.
When it comes to the trees the pecan is still the last word.
And the ranchers guard their longhorns even more preciously.
And the spring Bluebonnets are a beloved sight to see.
We light up our lives with lamps filled with fossil oil.
In search of this gift, roughnecks do relentlessly toil.
Deep in the Texas earth, way out of our sight.
Is hidden the gift that powers our cities so bright.
"Oceans are a reflection of Mankind," don't you know.
And many brave travelers have known the Gulf of Mexico.
On wings filled with wind the Spaniards brought their Doubloon.
Her shores have been host to men who have walked on the moon.
And Texas has a few new frontiers as of late.
It's a restless mind's new place to learn and educate.
One night while riding, I stopped to contemplate.
I wondered if someday they'll name a star after this state.
Paul McMillan

(I hope to post the copyrighted melody at some point)

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