Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting


"I Am A Painter"
(second version)
Words & Music by Paul McMillan
Frame handmade and carved by Paul Mcmillan
36" x 48"
Oil on Panel
No. 115
Head / Tuners
Guitar body
Head / Tuners
Bit of the music
Sheet Music
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Sound hole and Strings
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Surface texture
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In this Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting, "I Am A Painter," an original oil on panel, I was interested in displaying the entire words and melody of a song about being pleased to say, I am a Painter. I lived in Taos New Mexico on a little street called Martyrs Lane where they used to hang people back in the good old days. Anyway, the song is, if I may be allowed, a sweet song of joy and pleasure. I wrote the song and melody prior to making the painting itself.

When an artist takes on such a task as painting an image which includes a complete song with melody on a sheet of paper as well as classical guitar with all of the details exposed in a realer than real style, the easel becomes more of an altar than a place from which a painter can come and go at leisure.

The frame is handmade from scratch by the artist, i.e. I made the raw frame molding and assembled it, Hand carved the woven texture, then guild and painted the frame.

This painting No. 115 is the second version using this song as subject matter. The first version is No. 82


I am a painter I'm pleased to say; I've seen such beauty today;

I awoke to Magic Mountain a glow'in the golden morn'in sun;

I walked out my door and looked into the sky; it was pretty as an angel's eye:

The prettiest palette this artist holds dear is painted by the faces livin' here.

It's nearly noon; tortillas soon; I don't need a silver spoon.

Well the sun's goin' down, there's rays all around; Taos is my hometown.

There's a fire in the sky; open up your eyes and watch the Eagles fly;

It's a starlit night on a full moon; my Lover and I are gonna swoon;

I am a painter I'm pleased to say; I've seen such beauty today...

by; Paul McMillan


(I hope to post the copyrighted melody at some point)

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