Paul McMillan 

Surreal Mask Painting

 "Hidden Emotions"
#3 of a 4 set
30" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 119
This Surreal Mask Painting, "Hidden Emotions," an original oil on panel, is the Third in a Four-Set of "Geo Political Surreal Paintings" of Mask Images.

Once again I found subject matter while watching-listening to the news program on television where they were suggesting that the Japanese Businessmen were collectively veiled behind traditional customs and strict social protocol even in business relations which had the effect of a poker face which could not easily be read by American Negotiators and as a result Japan was always winning at the bargaining table during Automobile Trade Negotiations with America (I drive a 1968 Chevy Pick-Up that I paid $700. for in 1978 and still can't afford any new car) and they showed filmed images of Japanese Businessmen shaking hands with American Automotive Business Leaders and one of the Japanese Automotive Businessmen making a statement in Japanese which was gibberish to me since I don't speak that language. I turned the volume down as the Nightly News showed a group of American Businessmen shaking hands and making speeches. It struck me that with the sound off it didn't matter what gibberish or language they spoke, I still couldn't understand it regardless of facial expressions and emotions. Sadly enough one of the popular clichés of the day was " read my lips."

I got off the couch and turned off my high quality Taiwan made television set and started sketching this painting, No.119, Hidden Emotions. The symbol in the image is the I-Ching of the Well (container), ironically the opposite of the Well is Revolution as I understand it, which I felt would help support unity in the series since the LA Riot is where I found earlier subject matter in the first of this Four-Set.

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