Paul McMillan 

Southwestern Stillife Painting

 "Spring Solstice"
20" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 123 
In this Southwestern Still Life Oil Painting, "Spring Solstice," an original oil on panel, I was interested in creating an artwork that reflected objects of the ancient Indians of the American Southwest in a setting that included a Sun Dagger clock. The basket is old Jicarilla, the pottery is Anasazi. I drew my inspiration for the imaginary setting from having visited Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. The ancient Indians must have had the luxury of enough time to have developed their craft to such a state of fine art.

I borrowed the basket and other potential objects from a neighbor who was a salesperson in the gallery that sold my work and who happened to lived a few blocks over from me in downtown Taos. As I was walking back to my studio apartment a great white light enveloped me and I heard a loud voice, that said "Stop Where You Are," which I thought was the Great Spirit speaking to me, so I froze in place, then I noticed red flashing lights, it was the Taos Police who saw me carrying an arm full of what they thought to be stolen artifacts, they loaded me up in the patrol car and back we went to my neighbor's home, and after being convinced that there was no major robbery they gave me a ride with objects in hand, back to my apartment on Martyrs Lane, which was owned by my gallery agent. I had only lived at this location for a week, so all the neighbors got to watch the entire fiasco take place. There's nothing like a great first impression.
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