Paul McMillan 

Still Life Painting with Poem

 "Ancient Soul"
24" x 30"
Poem by Paul McMillan
Oil on Panel
No. 124
In this Still Life Painting with Poem, "Ancient Soul," an original oil on panel, I wanted to create an arrangement that would allow me to place this poem about creating Art in the subject matter.
Occasionally I will write a poem which I believe is a good and solid poem, this is one of them. (the other is "Passionate Palette", No. 151)
Ancient is the air, alive with an evergreen scent
of mastic and medium.
Anxious are the virgin colors of puddled pigments
beckoning bristles loving blendings.
Limitless is the cosmos of the pure white canvas
not yet ruled by lines forces and forms.
Searching is the way beyond the illusion of a mere painting's
surfaces into life's depths and dimensions.
Fearsome can be the sweetness of the act of the creation
of an object in which the world will see my soul.
by, Paul McMillan
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