Paul McMillan
Landscape Painting

"Autumn Light"
20" x 16"
Oil on Panel
No. 127
In this Landscape Painting, "Autumn Light," an original oil on panel, I was interested in painting a grand Red Oak beside a little inlet of translucent water. I like to tell myself that tree painting is a genre' when the landscape is basically a background for a tree like this one. For the up close viewer there is underwater life such as a large mouth bass chasing a smaller fish around the half floating tree limb and a frog under water that has left ripples from having just jumped in. It is from imagination and leans towards being a fantasy. I completed this painting in one five day session in order to complete the work by painting wet paint into wet paint which I feel is the best Technique for the purpose of fine blending and surface control. The surface of this painting is as smooth as glass and was achieved without any layers.
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