Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting

"Mona Lisa"
Words and Music by Paul McMillan
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Oil on Panel
36" x 24"
No. 133
Head / Tuners
Strings, Bow, body etc,
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Lower Violin Body
String Ties and Shadows
Violin Body
Upper Left
Sheet Music Up-Close
Sheet Music
In this Interdisciplinary Still Life Painting, "Mona Lisa," an original oil on panel, I was inspired to create a realer than real painting image including a violin and sheet music with my original song and melody. I created this work in response to the idea that so much of what we love about Art and in life, is the fact that one's own desires are often what is reflected back in the process of admiration. The painting of Mona Lisa has unburdened the feelings of untold numbers of admirers. Here are some of my sentiments.

First I wrote the song and melody then I painted this artwork.

Mona Lisa, what secrets do you hold that
in words can't begin to be told.
I believe your soulful fires are only the reflection
in the mirror of my own desires.
If I suddenly could no longer see, I'd still sing this song
just to keep my heart from going astray.

You spread my spirit thin in a whirlwind, and I wonder
can I ever really fall out of love with you.
If I took off on a tear down a desert roads wit's end would I
find you waiting with wildflowers in your hair.

I think I found the key to your ancient mystery when you
stole my love away with your magical Gemini eyes.
by, Paul McMillan
(I hope to post the copyrighted melody at some point)

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