Paul McMillan

Mask Painting with Poem
"Passionate Pallette"
30" x 24" Image
40" x 34" framed
Poem by Paul McMillan
Oil on Panel

No 151 
Museum Quality Frame
Blind Corners, I.E. no corner joints / Corner templates and bracing /
Carved, guild, patina-ed
40" x 34" x 3" framed
In this Mask Painting with Poem, "Passionate Pallette," an original oil on panel, I was inspired to create an arrangement that would allow me to include this poem about the Colors of Paint on my Pallette as subject matter in a painting. Occasionally I will write a poem that I am willing to argue with the critics about concerning its merits as to what I believe to be a good and solid poem, this is one of them. (The other is "Ancient Soul")
RED is like blood that runs hot, pulsating with
dancing fertility in the swollenness of veins that
know the flames of the passionate drumbeat of a thirsting heart.
YELLOW is like the spring wildflowers in a field
of hope that only today have melted yesterday's
frost onto dewdrops of lachrymose joy.
BLUE is like the mystery of life under a spangled
blanket of unlived dreams, softly and gently
illuminated by the awakening of a bright and beautiful reality.
BLACK is like the depth of hidden thoughts in a
bottomless well of lost souls, afraid to challenge
the darkness within and ascend to the limitless heights of bliss
WHITE is like an all consuming infinity of pure light
that emanates eternally from a true lover
forever self blinded by the purity of an idyllic concept of love.
By Paul McMillan
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