Paul McMillan

Interdisciplinary Stillife Painting

"Easel's & Icon's"
28" x 36" image
Frame made from scratch by Paul McMillan
Oil on Panel
No. 154
Brushes, Pigment, Jars, Stamp
Jar, Pallette, Latch, ect.
Pallette, Matches, Octagonal Jar
Stamp Close-Up and More
Stamp, Tape, Knob
Tape, Matches, Pallete Knife
Enlargement of Painting
In this Still Life Painting, "Easel's and Icon's," an original oil on panel, I was interested in creating an image of my easel with a painting of the Ranchos Church, a well known New Mexico Icon, therefore, the title came first. Then I painted the entire arrangement and of course the real subject here is the bits and pieces of the process that lead to the product, I've done that before, in fact the second was redundant though not without its own unique merits but this the third in this series and would be tridundant if that is a word that works for you. This version is dominated by the old Ranchos church in the subject which is a four hundred year old Icon and then there is my easel which is nearly my altar considering how little time I spend in Church and the two together are both possessive of being or more accurately these are the things which belong to them, therefore Easel's & Icon's in the possessive sense. Grammar and punctuation are hard for me thank goodness painting is easy,,,,
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