Paul McMillan

Southwestern Night Scene Painting

"Black Mesa Night"
24 x 20
Oil on Panel
No. 156
In this Southwestern Night Scene Painting, "Black Mesa Night," an original oil on panel, I was inspired to create an image which reflected the way that this mesa seemed to reach up into the cosmos of the night sky. The Rio Grand flows through along the base of this mesa where the desert meets the tree line.
This mesa has a long history including epic battles between the Indians and the Spanish and is a sacred place for the Native American people who still live there in the pueblos of the region.
The monolithic quality of this stark and beautiful Black Mesa is also a well-known landmark located a few miles outside of Espanola, NM.
For approximately a year my wife Carolyn and I lived a few miles on the other side of this mesa, which has many faces in the New Mexico light.
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