Paul McMillan

Portrait Painting

"Carolyn with Possum Hat and Shepherd's Coat"
24" x 20" image
Oil on Panel
No. 161
In a private collection
In this Portrait Painting "Carolyn with Possum Hat and Shepherd's Coat," an original oil on panel, I wanted to make portraits of both my wife Carolyn and myself, since we had just recently married. I painted Carolyn second in order to be more practiced prior to starting the artwork, since Carolyn wanted her portrait to be an accurate record of her at the time. The use of costume aided in composition and subject matter. It's also worth mentioning that painting the portrait of one's wife should not be taken lightly at any point in time. I am no longer Married to Carolyn and do wish her and hers the very best out of respect for the good times that we shared during the time that we were married.
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