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Paul McMillan

Northeastern Night Scene Painting
"Moonlight Over Cornstalks"
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 190
In this Northeastern Night Scene Painting, "Moonlight Over Cornstalks" I was inspired to paint the cornstalks that got missed and which stand by themselves like sentinels guarding the cycles of the seasons out in the middle of a sea of stubble after harvest.
This work has been selected for inclusion in the
Greater Latrobe School District Special Art Collection, Latrobe, PA, 2012
I am deeply honored to have my work, Moonlight Over Cornstalks selected for inclusion in the Greater Latrobe School District Special Art Collection.
In the thirty years I have been making art this is my most treasured experience. Please forward my heart felt thanks to the wonderful students, faculty, staff, and everyone involved.
The reason I feel so privileged to be a part of this incredibly wonderful event is because I graduated from Graford High School, Graford TX and we had 220 students 1st through 12th and the school trips 50 miles away to the museums in Ft. Worth influenced and inspired me to pursue the arts. Seeing that the Greater Latrobe School District has a history of valuing the arts and bringing the arts to the school students and educational process within your community is the finest example of why I want to live in this region. As a result of your long standing inclusiveness of the arts in education and community I am ever more honored and inspired to pursue the arts and to continue to learn. I am happy to say that I have learned something of great value from my experience upon just the one visit to the Greater Latrobe School District Special Art Collection.
To compound my joy in this experience of participation in the Southern Pennsylvania Council for the arts, 17th Annual Exhibition, my painting Moonlight Over Cornstalks was additionally honored with the "Peoples Choice Prize.
I haven't the words to fully express my gratitude for being included in the special collection and for recieving the "Peoples Choice Award",,, I sincerely thank you!
All the best and warmest regards to all,,,
Paul McMillan
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