Paul McMillan

Northeastern Night Scene Painting

"Taughannock Falls Night"
36" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 192
Original Sold.
Giclée Print available by request, please call or e-mail
In this Northeastern Night Scene Painting, "Taughannock Falls Night" I was trying to place the viewers perspective of the painting in the canyon as if one was standing at the rocky edge of the pool in front of the falls in the presence of the mist and the power of the eternally falling water from above. As a painter I think that Taughannock Falls is one of the harder things in nature to paint due to the fact that it is difficult to get any distance from the falls and still have a composition that expresses it's true nature, which for me is a reality of intimacy, that is to say that one is inside an incredible bowl of a canyon with every thing looming above, falling,or waiting to fall, including loose rocks. So in this way I wanted to place you, the viewer of mere painting in the heart this great natural living thing so much bigger than than it's visitors and inhabitants.The sun never really does more that deliver a slice of light on the falls itself which makes choosing the kind of light a bit tricky as well. It is not my place to say whether landscape painting is true art are not, however as a painter I do feel a strong urge to comment on this example of profound natural beauty via oil paint and extend my love of such beauty which exists all around us. If you can't go to Taughannock Falls today then I hope as a viewer of this painting that you will find a representation of some of natures elements at work in this place present in my artwork Taughannock Falls Night.

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