Paul McMillan

Landscape painting of Ireland
"Slievemore Mist"
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 196
"Slievemore Mist", Achill Island, Ireland, an original oil on panel is the second in a series of paintings with Irish subject matter. In this misty day scene painting I wish to acknowledge that sense of leaving a place and going into the future. When I visited the ruins at Slievemore it was such a misty morning, beautiful in it's mysterious mist and light but not inviting. I could not help but wonder what it was like for the residents that were forced to leave the mist at Slievemore escaping starvation and famine and followed hope itself to a better, if not easier way of life. I feel as thought leaving such beauty must have been heartbreaking in spite of the circumstances.

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