Paul McMillan

Landscape painting of Ireland
"Achill Rainbow "
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 197
"Achill Rainbow ", Achill Island, Ireland, an original oil on panel is the third in a series of paintings with Irish subject matter. In this day scene painting I wish to acknowledge that sense of old that leaves it evidence of giving rise to the new that seems to eternally chase rainbows over the very horizon as the generations spread out in the pursuit of life. When I visited Ireland the past seemed to be alive in the record of yesterday most abundantly even as the new economic boom pastes itself across the Irish landscape. The Rainbows on Achill Island are among the best that I have ever seen and yes I chased them to this end, not in the pursuit of gold but definitely in the pursuit of beauty. When one paints a place of such beauty it is not for ownership but rather to extend the involvement with ones repour with the beauty that was experienced there.

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