Paul McMillan

Northeastern Night Scene Painting
"Oak Tree, Hay Bales and Moonlight"
20" x 16"
Oil on Panel
 No. 208
In this Northeastern Night Scene Painting, "Oak Tree, Hay Bales and Moonlight" I was Trying to once again speak to the mystory of the nocturnal world of the farm and the eternal good of the bounty of the land that is cultivated again and again all the while witnessed by great and lasting, living things that that grow in strength year by year, such as an Oak tree or even one's heartful minds eye that sees the beauty in the gifts that surround us on this living earth that through some magic or miracle has engendered an appreciation both in spirit and flesh of the physical beauty of life present in the land and cosmos above to which we are infinitely wed , and provides us with the setting for the objects for our very sustenance to be derived from as we come and go from this good and contemporaneous experience that embodies more value to the human spirit than any mere painting can speak to as a result the act of making an image from pigment and binder on a two dimensional surface for orbs to view in celebration of the capacity for beauty that dwells in the human need to express the love of the land and the night and the moon and the stars, and the trees and the barn in the distance and this and that .........

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