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Paul McMillan
Still Life Painting
"El Pintor"
24" x 30"
Oil on Panel
No. 209
I am honored to recieve the
"NPAA Award"
( "Northwestern Pennsylvania Artists Association" )
at the
"93rd Annual Spring Show"
April 16 through July 17, 2016
Erie Art Museum
Erie, PA
In a Privite Collection

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In this surreal still life painting, "El Pintor," an original oil on panel, I am attempting to speak to the Spirit of the Dia de los Muertos which some call the Day of the Dead celebration. In life we yearn for way too much, we are so very busy, but their is time in the heart to want for those who are no longer with us to have that which made them who they were. The bones of the Painter ache for paint. I celebrate the painter by being one and in the case of this painting, by putting out the basic supplies for "El Pintor" in the subject matter of this art work.
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