Paul McMillan
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Wine Labels

Eleven Lakes Winery
36" x 24" image
Oil on Panel
(lettering and logo are vinyl decal)
No. 215
Commissioned Artwork
The above Artwork Commissioned by:
Eleven Lakes Winery
Matt Jones, owner of Eleven Lakes Winery asked me to consult with him about painting a mural consisting of five or six paintings on the wall of the tasting room in his new winery. After exploring options it was decided that beautiful artwork of his existing labels was the way he wanted to proceed. This approach allows the costumer to view great artwork, of his labels, while tasting samples of the great bottles of wine he makes available at Eleven Lakes Winery. The artworks Matt commissioned me to make for his business are quite simply beautifully painted icons allowing the costumer to readily identify the bottle of choice during the pleasurable experience of tasting great wine while visiting his winery. I congratulate Matt Jones for providing great wine and fine art at his winery.
As a professional artist I enjoyed doing business with Eleven Lakes Winery and invite you to take a look at the fine art paintings that he chose to have made for his Winery business.
I know it's true that people will travel the world to experience a great bottle of wine, beautiful artwork, exquisite food, and the pleasure of great company. It is my philosophy that great things belong together.
I would be honored to be of service to your Great Winery by providing Fine Art Paintings for your Labels, Walls or even Murals on the outside of your building.
Thank you in advance for any considerations.
Best regards,
Paul McMillan
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