Paul McMillan
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Night Scene Painting

"Full Moon over the Chisos Mountains"
24" x 36"
Oil on Panel
No. 220
In this Southwestern Night Scene Painting, "Full Moon over the Chisos Mountains" I was again exploring the crystal clear athsmosphere spangled with stars and lit by the full moon that invites one to adventure out into the desert night. For those who fear not the night the best of all night skies is quite possibly in this part of the world. Having spent much time in this place, I don't now know if it speaks to me or if I speak to it, but then what does that matter in the face of such beauty in the still silence of the night when ones own mind is loud and clear with admiration in a near unending expanse just patiently waiting for a visitor such as me, or you, to traverse with crunching footsteps forward into life.
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