Paul McMillan
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Southwestern Landscape Painting
"Spanish Peaks"
24" x 36"
Oil on Panel
No. 224
Sold / Commissioned Painting
In this Southwestern Landscape Painting, titled "Spanish Peaks" I was commissioned to create an image of the Spanish Peaks which are in southern Colorado. Part of the requirements were to make the peaks the dominate subject at dusk with the sun setting behind the peaks in such away that all the elements supported the majesty and mystery of the peaks themselves. When creating an artwork that has the subject in backlight and at dusk the central subject itself is bound to be deep in contrast to the luminosity of the sky. A painter can ask their self is this possible? the answer is of course yes, because the nature of this environment is that of great contrast between the depth of a long dwindling , melding of the physical attributes of the world as seen by the viewer of this incredibly ocenonic high desert athsmosphere with great mountains rising island like from the floor of the great spance of this particular area. Apparently from the dawn of time people have been using these beautiful peaks as a land mark to guide them on their voyage both physically and otherwise.
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