Paul McMillan
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Night Scene Painting

"Desert Solitude"
( Pummel's Peak, Big Bend Natl. Park )
30" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 226
In a Privite Collection
In this Southwestern Night Scene Painting, "Desert Solitude", an original oil on panel, I am exploring the solitude in the great expanse of time and space offered by the desert at night where mountains and mesas rise from the oceanic desert floor reaching eternally upwards to the clear desert cosmos of a sky, and in the case of this painting I am in need of a cloudless sky where the stars are the stars of a night theater lit by a full moon with a subtle ring formed by ice crystals high up in the atmosphere. When I need simplicity of an ambient that offers solitude I often think of the desert in Big Bend National Park. Therefore the title "Desert Solitude" The mountain in this night scene painting is Pummel's Peak but the real subject I pursue is a setting that is quiet and pure to its' reason for existence, or at least a place that reminds me that the thoughts get larger as the ring of the universe has nothing left to turn down in the middle of the complexities of what an unobservant soul might loosely call nothing but a sea of creosote bushes and cactus where ten miles is close and the internal circles of thoughts are unbroken.
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