Paul McMillan
Southwestern landscape Painting

"229 Crimson Haze"
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 229
In this Southwestern landscape painting, "Crimson Haze," an original oil on panel, I was inspired to create a painting in a primarily crimson color. I often challenge myself to paint in a near monochrome pallete and in this case I used alizarin crimson, ivory black as well as a white that has just enough yellow mixed into it to be an ivory white. Here in this painting I worked strictly from imagination in the composition to allow myself as much artistic license as possible. In short I free myself from the constraints of a real place and simply promote the kinds of arrangements that benefit the maximum drama and luminosity that the laws of paint allow. Here in this painting I offer my most valid attempt to break some old habits by keeping it simple so I can better step out into the things I love the most in color and atmosphere.
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