Paul McMillan
Southwestern landscape Painting

"Yellow Haze at Sunset"
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 230
In this Southwestern landscape painting, "Yellow Haze at Sunset," an original oil on panel, I was inspired to create a painting in a primarily Yellow color. I occasionally challenge myself to paint in a near monochrome yellow pallete. the problem is how to keep the yellow from turning green when I mix black into it. I have discovered that if you mix ivory black and alizarin crimson together it makes a black that is actually a dark purple and thusly the crimson is what controls or keeps the yellow from turning green so I can go from black all the way through the tones and values of the yellow as I paint my way to an ivory white color. The composition of this painting is purely from imagination in order to allow myself as much freedom in the arrangement as possible. This not being a real place I can arrange the elements in the subject to contain the best drama and luminosity that I can achieve. Here in this painting I offer my most valid attempt at keeping it simple. It is also a way for me to dispel some well worn habits and venture forward into some new territory to express the elements of nature to which I am most drawn to in a celebration of blended pigments.
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