Paul McMillan

Landscape painting of Ireland
"Dusk at Achill Island "
( Ireland )
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 231
"Dusk at Achill Island", Ireland, an original oil on panel, the fifth in a series of paintings with Irish subject matter. In this dusk scene painting I wanted to show the elegant lines, atmosphere and light at dusk on Achill Island. This is the second time I have revisited this subject and in this painting of this wondrous place filled with light and luminosity nearly as deep as its' inhabitants. In a real attempt I try to offer a bit of the peat boggs that are ever present out in that green Irish grass and plant life. From my point of view one can't visit such a beautiful place and not miss it in the future of thought. I'll say it again, "one could easily devote a career to painting the light on Achill Island." Yes I still dream of going back to the Bervie and this view is something like what I hope to see when the time comes.

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