Paul McMillan 

Surreal Painting

"Goddess of Sun and Moon"
20" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 234
In this Surreal Painting, "Goddess of Sun and Moon," an original oil on panel, I was exploring the softness of textures and sensuousness beauty so present in woman kind. In my ever growing appreciation of the beauty of woman I present this laying lady landscape of the surreal metaphysical kind to allegorically let you in on some of what I find to be the most wonderful creation in all the universe. In consideration of the truth that all people, both man and woman are born too and through woman I find it to be of no surprise what-so-ever that the earliest of objects of worship were and in my hand still are woman. Perhaps we should still worship woman as the true god where the altar would be the tummy of woman upon which we might often lay our heads in awe as we worship life itself. At the very least the sun and moon should belong to woman kind until things get better for us all.

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