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Paul McMillan 

Night Scene Painting, Pennsylvania Landscape

"Hay Bales Nocturne"
36" x 48"
Oil on Panel
No. 237
Museum quality frame /
handcarved, patina-ed and guild
/ templated corners / frame does not gouge or damage the painting surface in any way...
36" x 48" image size
44" x 57" x 2.5 deep, framed
In this Pennsylvania Night Scene Painting, "Hay Bales Nocturne," an original oil on panel, I was inspired by the lay of the land east of Pittsburgh where there was a gap in the distance and the landscape took on a beautiful rolling tilted shape and form that seemed alive with energy that tugged everything into its folds in a living wander that felt as though it was providing a bounty of good that marched on the ground in a silent voyage only to disappear into a nocturnal mystery under a July moon. To me the hay bales look like heards of living beings that travel together in the feilds at night. Yes, of course I took liberty with this place, but then I was only trying to convey what it is in this kind of world at night that I find so beautiful.

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