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Paul McMillan 

American Landscape Painting
"Hazy Passage"
36" x 48"
Oil on Panel
No. 239
In this Americana Landscape Painting, "Hazy Passage," an original oil on panel, I wanted to tell the story of the old and the new in a setting of abundance and isolation. As I painted this artwork I found that the absence of people made them more present in the yearning heart of the viewer. I too yearn for human presence even in the midst of crackling silence. The crops are coming in and where is everybody, what are they doing? Perhaps the layers of haze are a gently clever means that the intelligence in the spirit of nature itself has employed to help meld the passing of time for the generations that got us here as can be evidenced in the great American barns that are left behind still standing contemporaniously serving a grander purpose as they beckon future generations to do good work and even contribute to a legacy of lasting value in the spirit of our efforts we empart on the land, both present and future. I tried adding all manner of things to illuminate the presence of spirit in this painted image but each time I found that the imagination of the viewer filled in the mystery of absence with much-much more than I could ever illuminate in a complete accounting of all bits and pieces that are the usual suspects that so often kill the spirit of such a subject through over explaining.
In this work, like in life, searching is the way to self discovery. Yes they'll be back, they always come back and I'll be waiting and watching the hazy passage of more than any artist can really speak to in one painting.

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