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Paul McMillan 

Figurative Painting with Orange

"Handheld Orange"
11" x 14"
Oil on Panel
No. 243
In this Figurative Painting, "Handheld Orange" an original oil on panel, I once again took an orange and held it up to the light so that I could see the light penatrate the flesh of the wedges as I removed them one by one. There comes a point when the right shadows and spangle of inner light hands and human flesh, and yes there is a bit of translucancy in the blood rich thin skin of the hands that serve as an accent to the major luminosity that is happenning in the finger tip peeling of a slightly resistant wedge of orange. A tangle of dappling shadows and fingers going to work on an orange is a most fun thing to undertake as a painter. They, whoever they are, always say "it's hard to paint hands, I think it depends on the hands. Please don't forget the sun filled orange is the central subject matter and it's just as well now that my hands show there age and narlieness as they delicatley persuade another orange to give up another sweet and delisious translucant wedge of its beautiful bounty.

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