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Paul McMillan 

Figurative Painting with Orange
"Handheld Orange"
14" x 11"
Oil on Panel
No. 244
In this figurative painting, "Handheld Orange" an original oil on panel, I decided to get the peeling involved with the whole handheld act of peeling and selecting sections of an orange which is being held to the light in order to permiate it with good and strong light causing shadows to spangle the palm of the hand holding the orange. The right dark and light on the highlights of the hand and the orange fills with light like some jewel that is to be consumed by the senses of touch taste and sight. Such is the tough work of an artist like me has to face and then after rendering the painting I devoure the last sun filled juicy bit of orange left in my hand. There is nothing like being one with your subject.  
"First Place, oil/acrylic"
"Monroeville Arts Council 24th Art Show,"
Monroeville, PA, 2013     
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