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Paul McMillan 

Still Life Painting
"Orange with Peel"
20" x 16"
Oil on Panel
No. 245 
2012 Merit Award
"Midland Arts Council Summer Exhibition"
Midland, PA
In this contemporary nuevo classical Still Life Painting, titled "Orange with Peel," an original oil on panel, When I painted this picture I was tired of painting sun filled oranges that were handheld. I decided to let the orange free to have the whole panel, less a couple tasty wedges. I love luminosity and I try to achieve a self lit effect. This is my latest example. If you think it's hard to paint hands and oranges then you should try getting an orange that is partially peeled to levitate while rendering the painting, that's hard to do considering you can break the rules of painting but the laws of physics are another story but not unrelated to the true beauty of light traveling through an orange on the way to the eye of an art lover.

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