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Paul McMillan Paintings

Pennsylvania Night Scene Painting

"Moonlit Hay Bales, VI"
11" x 14"
Oil on Panel
No. 247
In this Pennsylvania Night Scene Painting, "Moonlit Hay Bales, VI," an original oil on panel, I wanted to continue exploring an ongoing arrangement of hay bales on the rolling Pennsylvania Landscape at night. I Painted this arrangement in an art demonstration as an example of how to make the luminosity and sense of depth achievable in the painted image and of course this just exactly where I am trying to go in my night scenes. I painted this image in an hour plus a few touch ups in the studio. I enjoy painting for the public and it is like singing and playing music for an audience, that is to say that the risk faced in failing in public does drive something in the edge of the subject, hopefully for the better and in this case painting so fast liken to painting out of doors the directness is part of the demeanor of the image. For me the the benefits are in the experience of loosening up and just painting without fretting with every little detail. Yes I know it's a bit conceptional but still the there is some life in this arrangement I must ring out to see where I can go and what I can learn on this nocturnal adventure in painted pigments. The sum of a painting is not always related to the time it takes to create it but the years of experience do seem to give to the act of just cutting loose and simply painting and having fun while doing so,,,,,