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 Paul McMillan

Southwestern, Landscape Painting

"Elephant Tusk & Backbone Ridge"
36" x 48"
Oil on Panel
No. 250
This Southwestern Texas Landscape Painting, "Elephant Tusk and Backbone Ridge," an original oil on panel, is a major attempt at a painting a large scale version of this most beautiful of all places in the Chihuahuan desert to which I return to on occasion. In this case I wanted to show the long melding process that takes place in the luminosity of the sky and atmosphere that is thin and offers a hundred mile view south into Old Mexico. Things happen in the arrangement of light and cosmos that dwells here which doesn't happen any where else that I know of at sunset. Here is a place where the stars start to twinkle even before the sun sets. Every so often I return here even if only in spirit of mind. Should you have the time please go to Elephant Tusk and Backbone Ridge, Big Bend National Park, Texas and see for your self or just sit and stare at my painting for a good while.
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