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Paul McMillan Paintings
Figurative Floral
Still Life Painting Painting

 "Handheld Fall Leaf"
20" x 16"
Oil on Panel
No. 251
In this Figurative Floral Still Life Painting, "Handheld Fall Leaf" an original oil on panel, I wanted to continue to explore the transparent and quite colorful turnings of a fall leaf held by hand. The chosen back-lit view dramatizes the viens and turning of colors in the life cycle of this fall leaf which reminds me that all things have their season. Life is magnificent in all it's turnings and the leaves from which I carefully chose all possessed such individual beauty that the decision was most dificult until the light permiating this individual leaf showed me who to paint. The sixty year old hand is my own hand which has held a lot of beauty and a few brushes with the colors of fall.