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Paul McMillan 

Night Scene Painting, Landscape
"Bear Meadows Night"
36" x 48"
Oil on Panel
No. 256
In this Pennsylvania Night Scene Painting, "Bear Meadows Night," an original oil on panel, I was inspired by the shimmering mantle of moonlight illuminating this meadow. I wanted a breath of color showing in the moonlit world of beauty offered in this arrangement in nature which becomes a symphony of soft detail padding this visual melody with harmony in its intrications of broken symmetry of patterns of life competing and coexisting in this place where such visual beauty can dance to the gentle rhythms of breezes on the surface of water in a moonlight celebration of our nocturnal world. Some say every day is a blessing. I say so is the beauty of night as the moon reflects upon what we often find truly beautiful about our world.
"Peoples Choice"
39th Westmoreland Art Nationals
Westmoreland Community College Exhibition
Youngwood, PA 2013

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