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Paul McMillan 

Self Portrait
"Self Portrait with Bolo"
24" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 257


In this Self Portrait, titled "Self Portrait with Bolo" , an original oil painting on panel, I was interested in painting a self portrait before I turn sixty. When I blow it on a painting I often turn to a rage on the painting and exoress my self with all the fiery colors on the pallet, thusly a transrormation by fire like a phenoux into what ever comes from it.
I was once asked to respond to the question, "I am one thing and my works are another" , here below is my response:
"I Am One Thing, My Works Are Another."
I am deeply; passionate, intellectual, creative,
good looking charming, honest, occasionally rich;
I am also detached, thoughtless, destructive, unkept,
argumentative, a liar, and often penniless,
My work is: definitely in touch with at least a small portion
of the totality of the cosmos of my inner relationships between
my subjective reactions and my objective experiences
here in what I have come to perceive to be life itself...
by, Paul McMillan

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