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Paul McMillan 

 Surreal Figurative Still Life
"Banana Split"
20" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 259
In this surreal, figurative still life painting, "Banana Split" an originol oil on panel, I wanted to have some fun and paint a picture to celebrate the Home of the Banana Split, that would be in Latrobe, PA for those who haven't heard the news. The Latrobe Art Center is having a Home of the Banana Split Celebration bash including an art showing of Banana Split paintings. I hope I can join in on the fun by offering my version of a Banana Split painting. I can't remember when I enjoyed painting more than when I made this painting of a banana split. I allowed myself all the indulgences in paint to which my imagination could come up with and still stay on subject. If ever there was a place to go over the top, this is the place, you know, just like the nest time you visit the city of Latrobe, PA when you find your self ordering a fine banana split your way,,,, or,,,, you could sink your teeth in to the sweet details of this trompe l'oeil Painting of a Banana Split,,,, either way---enjoy!
 Click on images below for close-up detail
Flame and Candle
The goods
Latrobe bubble blower
Left Hand
A little closer look
Right Hand
Thank you for Visiting
A better look at the hands
Thank you for Visiting
"Second Place"
Banana Split Exhibit,
Great American Banana Split Celebration
Latrobe Art Center, Latrobe, PA, 2013
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