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Paul McMillan

Southwestern Night Scene Painting
"Bandelier III"
(Bandelier National Monument, NM)
36" x 48"
Oil on Panel
No. 260
In this Southwestern Night Scene Painting, "Bandalier II," an original oil on panel, (Version III) I was inspired by the other worldly feel of the hand dug cliff dwellings which seem to peer out from hollowed eyes in search of their creators long since gone. This version III is a is an attempt to bring this image up to a major scale and allow the viewer to enter this ancient sanctuary a lot better, that is to say there is a lot more presence for the image in the eye of the sojourn to this painting. Go ahead ascend into the cranium of this old face of man cracked and craged with lifes escarpments in the lines of the face of the oldest dwellings in North America . The Puye are obviously the descendants of this high culture now referred to as the Anasazi. I once crawled up and into this ancient dwelling and listened to these old dwellings forever permeated with murmers of the spirit of hope and childrens high pitched cries of humanity as this place which gave birth to civilation on this continent. The atom was split less than a few miles from this location.
Juror's Choice,
Sanctuary Exhibit,
Pittsburgh society of Artists, Pgh, PA 2013
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